Greaseless composite bearings with 300% more wear life Greaseless composite bearings BUST RUST and keep equipment moving Composite surgical tubing INSULATES PATIENTS from shock. Composite cylinders RESISTS DENTS and extend equipment life Composite dielectric tubing PROTECTS YOU from danger
Innovation Beyond Metals ™

Polygon Company – Innovation Beyond Metals

Who is Polygon?

Always the pioneer, Polygon invented the composite bearing, non-gelcoat composite pneumatic cylinders, composite laparoscopic surgical tubing, and remains one of the foremost suppliers of dielectric motor insulation worldwide.

By combining the power of a strong engineering staff with capable and timely manufacturing, Polygon's vertical integration assures quality products which are practical to produce.


Founded in 1949 by a chemist working on advanced composite materials during World War II at Wright-Patterson Air Force base, Polygon Company has grown into an engineered materials company with manufacturing facilities and distributors worldwide. Polygon’s original and ongoing patents stand as a hallmark in the development of fiber reinforced epoxy resin composite technology.

Corporate research and development activities, including an in-house test laboratory, are located in the company’s corporate offices and primary manufacturing location in Walkerton, Indiana (approximately 90 miles east of Chicago, Illinois).

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  • Focused on replacing metal parts with composite materials since 1949.
  • Credited as the first commercial pultruder in the United States (Handbook of Composite Materials, Raymond Myers).
  • Originally a consumer products company, Polygon innovated in the fields of boat hulls, fishing rods, baseball bats and compound bows for archery, and more.
  • Pioneers in the fields of composite bearings, carbon fiber golf club shafts, and composite surgical tubing.
  • Satisfying the demands of numerous Fortune 500 companies, especially in construction equipment, oil drilling, laparoscopic surgical tubing, and agriculture equipment.
  • Vertically integrated- Strategically focused between theory and reality. Providing strong engineering with a focus on practicality in manufacturing.
  • Worldwide manufacturing plants and distribution partners.