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Heavy EquipmentThe Idea Center is a viable solution—contracted composites professionals dedicated to producing the complete custom solution required to complete your product or assembly. Polygon Company's in-house engineering team has decades of combined composite materials engineering experience and can work to produce the right solution.

Polygon's design team can work to retrofit current products or design new solutions using composite materials. From research and development to engineering and product development, an experienced staff assures optimal results.

Public Domain Applications

Since the inception of Polygon’s Idea Center numerous projects have been accepted and completed. Work done within the Idea Center is extremely confidential and always subject to non-disclosure agreements, but here are some that have become part of the public domain which we can share:


Automotive StrutsComposite wiper arms, truck drive shafts, car telescoping antennas, suspension system components, race car internal engine connection shafts, space frame and energy absorption structural tubes.

Aerospace and Military

Sabots and weapon projectiles, fuel system tubing for stealth aircraft, chaff dispensers, rocket canisters, ejection seat components, biological containment vessels, gun barrel over-wrapping with composite materials and non-magnetic detection components.

Medical Components

Multi-lumen cannula, disposable cannula, brain tumor probes, external fixation devices, respirator and ventilator systems, guide wire replacement materials and robotic surgical accessories.


Braided composite baseball bats, carbon/ metallic fiber polymer golf shafts and energy absorbing racket materials.

Office Equipment / Printing

Composite electrical contacts, wire harness paths embedded within the laminate structure, composite space frames, conductive rollers, high speed rollers and static dissipative structural components.

Fundamentally Polygon has the liberty of being able to provide an unbiased approach to designing and implementing the best composite approach because we are not singularly focused on any one particular process. Projects accomplished in the past have included either those listed above or hybridized approaches best suited to our client’s individual needs:

  • Braiding
  • Filament Winding
  • Compression Molding
  • Spray Up Laminating
  • Pultrusion
  • CNC Machining
  • Assembly and Metallic Component Interfaces
  • Painting and Secondary Surface Coatings
  • Testing and Standards Development
  • Hybridized Variants of some or all of the above

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