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Practical Experience

automotivePolygon does not do pure research or development because there are existing R&D organizations or academic entities well qualified to conduct such work. The focus and perspective Polygon offers is a staff of highly skilled but practically orientated engineers who work as a team to bring a wealth of expertise to any potential project. We then can take those ideas and designs and put them into a real world manufacturing environment at our location or yours.

In some instances clients bring us projects originally created or incubated within an R&D facility or university that need completion or that element of technical manufacturability missing in those environments. We believe we offer unique and distinct capabilities not available from traditional institutional providers. Polygon specializes on being able to take an idea and translate it into reality fully understanding that process through years of previous experience. Our goal is to understand the material world in which we live and how to make the best use of these new evolving polymeric materials. In many instances we need to compliment or enhance the performance of traditional metallic materials, not completely substitute.

Intellectual Property Partners

Our approach to contract development can be as varied as the customers and markets we serve. Most prefer to pay a fee based on research completion stages while others desire a license agreement. Coupled with our practicality perspective is our ability to be extremely flexible and work within any client’s budget or goal in bringing forth a project. Through the years we have experienced almost every conceivable approach to product design and development. Because of the size of our Idea Center and the intensity of work being attempted we typically try and keep our client base within 2-3 projects per year.

Projects can be fully funded and owned by the entity doing the development work, or jointly held in exclusive/non-exclusive agreements.

60+ years of prior history of working in such confidential and proprietary programs enables Polygon to be very agile in working through these requirements.

Composites Pioneers

Not only can Polygon assist in engineering your product, they also engineer the manufacturing technology and equipment to turn these ideas into deliverable assemblies/products. Polygon engineers work on-site to assure the complete solution is tailored to your product.

Minimize Manufacturing Risk

Polygon's vertical integration minimizes your manufacturing risk when brining your product to market. However, we will work with other manufacturers as needed to complete the project.

Ready to Begin?

The next time an engineering project or concept hits your desk, why not give Polygon a call and see how we might put our creative energies to work for you.  Let our Idea Center be your sweet spot for engineering and creative development. 

We're ready to start a conversation with you on bringing your product to market. Here's a few ways to get started with your confidential consultation.

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