News - A Positive Spin on Composites

Polygon Company® is recognized as the world leader in the development of advanced composite self-lubricated cylindrical bearings and bushings. As the original patent holder of the PTFE lined composite bearing, Polygon is now advancing their tribology expertise and science into linear slide plates and thrust washers. Based on a unique fiber architecture which has been successfully deployed in many applications for over 50 years in cylindrical shapes, it is now being launched in a linear mode to provide composite solutions where self-lubrication is required in straight planes rather than circumferential.

The same unique properties as found in Polygon's PolyLube® composite bushings and bearings can now be incorporated into thrust washers and linear slide plates. The existing applications for these mirror those found within the PolyLube family of products – agriculture, construction equipment, material handling, and lift platforms, marine as well as many general industrial equipment applications. These demanding applications require self-lubricated materials that can also be highly loaded.

Learn more on our Thrust Washers page.

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