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Aug 06, 2015, Walkerton, Indiana

two ews bearingsPolygon Company is proud to announce their newest PolyLube bearing line, the EWS bearing. In an industry where progress is typically around 10%–15%, EWS has shattered this expectation by showing a marked 300% improvement in a clean testing environment compared to PolyLube MRP’s industry-leading wear performance. Contaminated environments are also handled well, with an improvement of 350% versus MRP. This boost in performance is made possible through a significant technological leap in Polygon’s tribology research.

ews wear graph

Product History

The inspiration for the EWS bearing was a high frequency, low oscillation angle agriculture application that built total sliding distances quickly and resulted in wear failures. To solve this, Polygon utilized tribology research to create a new composite bearing liner system, custom engineered to improve the performance of wear surfaces.

The EWS bearing has the same specifications as our flagship MRP bearing line but with increased wear resistance and reliability in contaminated joint locations with small design envelopes. Seals and their machining cost can sometimes be eliminated thanks to the increased contaminated environment performance.

Product Benefits

Construction and mining equipment

When large construction machinery is taken off-line, entire projects can be halted, leading to costly delays. The EWS bearing allows for equipment to operate maintenance-free for longer periods of time. Beyond the normal demands for reliability and predictability, this can also reduce the number of scheduled maintenance visits and their attendant downtime. Extended wear can allow scheduled bearing replacement to be combined with other major component overhaul maintenance schedules on a single call.

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Agricultural equipment

Planting and harvesting seasons occur in narrow windows of time, requiring the equipment to be ready for use. The need for longer lasting bearings becomes increasingly important with today’s larger equipment. Not only does increased size bring more points of failure, machinery is moving through the fields faster as acres farmed per piece of equipment grows. EWS bearings are ideal for high cycle row crop opener locations.

EWS bearings show excellent wear properties in contaminated environments and can help move maintenance into off-season, preserving uptime in critical seasons.

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About Polygon Company

Founded in 1949, Polygon Company is a proven composite material engineering innovator, currently holding over 40 active patents on unique products, designs and proprietary manufacturing capabilities.

Headquartered in Walkerton, Indiana, Polygon has expanded to a worldwide manufacturing and distribution network providing composite solutions in multiple industries from bearings to laparoscopic surgical tubing.

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