News - A Positive Spin on Composites

Oct 28, 2015, Walkerton, Indiana

large composite bearingPolygon is experiencing increased market demand for product sizes beyond its existing capacity constraints, notably for composite self-lubricated bearings and bushings in the heavy construction equipment market. High-pressure cylinder applications for the offshore oil industry are another area experiencing growth.

Polygon has acquired two larger 4-axis CNC filament winding machines to meet the demand. Formerly limited to 30” OD x 120” length, the newest winders will boost the winding window significantly, up to 40” OD x 432” length. In addition to these new winders, a complementary Mazak VTC-250 vertical machining center has been added to provide precision machining capacity. This new Mazak machine boosts Polygon’s CNC vertical machining product window capacity to 69” x 25” x 25”.

“In industrial situations, the larger the machine, the more costly its downtime. Polygon’s materials can extend maintenance windows and boost uptime in critical applications. This investment in Polygon equipment will allow us to bring these benefits to even larger equipment,” said James Shobert, CEO.

Polygon is singularly positioned within the composite tubing market to deliver inside diameters from .060” up to 40” in high tolerance finished part configurations incorporating the processes of filament winding, braiding and in-situ continuous fiber processing. Polygon operates with two manufacturing locations in Northern Indiana and a third location in Xiamen, China.

About Polygon Company

Founded in 1949, Polygon Company is a proven composite material engineering innovator, currently holding over 40 active patents on unique products, designs and proprietary manufacturing capabilities.

Headquartered in Walkerton, Indiana, Polygon has expanded to a worldwide manufacturing and distribution network providing composite solutions in multiple industries from bearings to laparoscopic surgical tubing.

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