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Excellent in actuation systems and valves

Polygon produces several products for the fluid power industry.

Guide Rod Bearings

PolyLube® Guide Rod Bearings are designed as replacements for traditional metallic guide rod bearing materials. Replacing conventional metallic guide rod bearings with a PolyLube guide rod bearing is a straight-forward change out.

Guide Rod Bearings

PolySlide® Composite Cylinders

For decades Polygon has satisfied customers in the fluid power industry. With strengths well beyond conventional materials such as thermoplastics and acrylics, maximum resistance to corrosion and weight reduction (especially in comparison to metals) and resistance to denting; Polygon composite cylinders have a proven record.

Composite Pneumatic And Hydraulic Cylinders

Composite Sight Glass Cylinders

Also, when speccing our PolySight® product, you can eliminate sight glass because of its translucent nature.

PolySight Translucent Cylinders


  • Valve bearings and bushings
  • Dump trucks
  • Hitch plate adjustment
  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Sight glass
  • Pneumatic cylinders
  • Actuators
  • Pneumatic actuators for valves
  • Hydraulic actuators for aircraft
  • Pressure pumps for spray applications
  • Dump mechanisms for railroad cars
  • Wastewater treatment flow control mechanisms
  • Pneumatic/fluid shock absorption or energy diversion
  • Nuclear plants
  • Desalinization
  • Septic

Case Study – Valves

Rusty valve 99273141Municipal water valves often have infrequent actuation. They may have only one actuation per year or longer, and are prone to rust seizing. Unexpected maintenance delays can be costly in such a time-sensitive application.

Solution – Composite Bushings and Cylinders

Polygon's composite cylinders often serve alongside our PolyLube bushings. They are also non-metallic, and feature a smooth bore surface for a positive seal with metallic valve components. The durable yet low friction bore not only prevents rust seizing, it also reduces required force, a benefit for remote valve actuation solutions. Composite cylinder actuation and valve stem bushings are a real "rust busting" duo.



polygon valves dump truck p3 watergate fifth wheel


Any ratings are typical for design purposes. Your design parameters may affect final ratings. Consult with a Polygon sales engineer for guidance. Final testing and approval is the customer's responsibility for their application. This information is derived from our testing and published data. There is no assurance of these properties, or warranty provided that these products are suitable for any particular purpose or operational situation.

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