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Polygon Composite Tubes Improve Downhole Efficiency for Yellow Jacket Oil Tools

Frac Plug composite tubes deliver strength, machinability and fastest drill-out rates.

Polygon Company has supplied filament-wound composite tubes to G&H Diversified Manufacturing’s Yellow Jacket Oil Tools brand for use in downhole oil and gas completions. These tubes provide needed strength and machinability, as well as the fastest drill-out rates possible to maximize efficiency.


G&H Diversified Manufacturing is a leading turnkey manufacturer for products in a wide variety of industries, including the Oil & Gas industry. Yellow Jacket’s frac plugs require mandrels that can be machined in house, deliver needed strength when in use, and then drill-out rapidly for efficient operations. G&H needed tubes that would be strong enough to hold up to our machining and the initial downhole application, and yet would be able to improve efficiency by reducing drill-out time.

Polygon’s solution

Approached by G&H Diversified Manufacturing in 2018, Polygon has been able to deliver custom composite tubes that deliver unmatched reliability and efficiency. Supplied to Yellow Jacket Oil Tools as blanks, or simply the materials in tube form, Polygon’s composite tubes are then precisely machined by experts within G&H Diversified Manufacturing to ready them for use in their frac plugs.


Once in place, Polygon’s tubes deliver the fastest drill-out rates of any competing material, making them ideal for improved downhole efficiency in the oil market. Says G&H Product Champion & Technical Sales Associate Josh Magill: “Polygon is the most consistent vendor we have. They always have good quality and ship on time. They’re very diligent and when they commit to hitting due dates, they achieve those dates. They also have the ability to replicate their process over and over again, so they have not had any quality issues.”

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