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Polygon Composite Bushings Ensure Reduced Maintenance in Bulldozer Designs

Constructed with an industrial wear surface, Polygon’s bushings require no grease.

Over the past decade, Polygon Composites has designed and supplied custom composite bushings for three major bulldozer manufacturers in the U.S. By replacing traditional greased steel bushings with Polygon’s composite ones that are lined with an industrial wear surface, these leading bulldozer manufacturers are able to minimize difficult, time-consuming maintenance.


More than a decade ago, one of the top bulldozer manufacturing companies in the U.S. approached Polygon, seeking a replacement for the difficult-to-reach bushings that help to connect the machinery’s track assembly to the chassis. These bushing locations were nearly impossible for maintenance teams to reach and thus difficult to keep lubricated.

Polygon’s solution

Faced with this challenge, the development team at Polygon created a stronger composite bushing with a unique industrial wear surface permanently adhered to its internal diameter (ID). This wear surface, which is part of the composite bushing’s structure, ensures that these difficult-to-reach pivot points do not ever need to be greased or maintained during the equipment’s lifetime. What’s more, the non-metallic bushings will never rust or corrode.


Since the development of this product more than a decade ago, it has become the industry standard in large bulldozers across multiple different brand-name manufacturers. Polygon’s bushings are continuously incorporated into new bulldozer designs as they are developed and manufactured by all three major manufacturers. The reduced maintenance delivered by Polygon’s bushings is especially critical in the case of rented and leased bulldozers, which typically see more wear-and-tear and less regular maintenance than equipment that is owned outright.

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