Medical Case Study

Polygon Composite Tubes Improve Safety and Control Costs in Disposable Suction Irrigation Device Components for Minimally Invasive Surgeries

Non-conductive cannulae reduce electrical shock risk without sacrificing rigidity

Polygon has designed custom composite cannulae for a medical technology industry leader to use in suction irrigation devices for minimally invasive surgical applications.


This customer is an industry leader in surgical and wound healing technology, dedicated to working closely with patients and medical providers in order to meet their needs most effectively. In the case of their suction irrigation devices, this close work alongside providers translates into an attention to materials to improve safety, maintain rigidity, and reduce weight.

Polygon’s solution

In most suction irrigation devices, metallic cannulae pose safety risks due to their electrically conductive nature, but are still in use because they meet the devices’ demands for rigidity in order to maintain functionality. By supplying a composite cannula to the customer for their suction irrigation devices, Polygon was able to ensure both non-conductivity and sufficient rigidity to improve safety while maintaining functionality.


The composite cannulae helped keep costs low, which is critical for these high-volume, disposable medical device components. Polygon’s cannulae are precision-machined to the client company’s design needs thanks to a custom, collaborative design process. Finally, the composite cannulae have added benefits over metal ones in being lighter weight, non-reflective, and radiolucent. “Polygon provides open, honest communication, they are very responsive to any requests we have.” –Medical Technology Customer

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