Dielectric Tubing
Dielectric Tubing


Why Polygon Composite Dielectric Tubing?

Polygon Tube® double insulation tubing is used as a sleeve within the armatures of electric motors. This secondary layer of insulation protects electrical tool operators from shock and eliminates the need for grounding the unit. Our design and performance engineers use their extensive knowledge and experience in composites science to assist you in determining the best fiber architecture, resin formulations and finishing to produce your ideal application. This can include sizes, colors, along with machining holes and cutouts to fit numerous applications.


  • Materials and finishes can be customized to your needs, meaning you’ll get exactly what you need
  • Outstanding dielectric & insulating properties eliminate the risk of capacitive coupling
  • High Torque Strength means less wear and tear, and less cost for replacements
  • UL approval to grade AFW-G-10.
  • Quality control. Every finished tube is tested at 5000 volts minimum to guarantee its dielectric integrity.
Manufactured for Optimal Performance

Polygon Tube provides high torque strengths and has a UL Certified continuous temperature index rating of 120°C. This patented manufacturing technique produced double insulated tubes with unparalleled physical properties and unmatched electrical insulation.

Standard Tolerances

In comparison to conventional molding or paper tube assemblies, the implementation of the Polygon Tube into the motor assembly enables the manufacturer to reduce production costs. Standard tolerances have been established that allow these composite tubes to be slipped or press-fit into the motor laminations. The armature shaft is then pressed into the assembly, securely locking the laminations and the shaft.

To ensure that each double insulated Polygon Tube surpasses all electrical insulation requirements we have implemented an uncompromising inspection process. Each tube is tested at 5000 volts minimum to guarantee its dielectric integrity. Polygon Tube carries approval by Underwriters’ Laboratories, Inc. to grade AFW-G-10. Certification and SPC controlled processing ensures “just in time” deliveries and eliminates inspection on the customer’s end.

Patented Manufacturing Process

Polygon utilizes two bonding processes to manufacture tubes that provide optimum physical and dielectric performance. These processes capitalize upon the individual chemical and mechanical strengths of both chemical resin bonds and structural support maximizing the total strengths of the Polygon Tube. These insulating composite tubes utilize their inherent modulus of elasticity to ensure a permanent press fit on the armature shaft.

The composite tube consists primarily of two dielectric materials:

Reinforcing material: Consisting of continuous fiber bundles of electrical grade “E-Glass” woven together at a specific helix angle with respect to the tube axis and thermoset epoxy resin, property retention (both in-dielectric and structural) electrical temps.

Epoxy: That has a Tg of approximately 120°C [248°F]

Properties in the axial, hoop, and through the wall in a composite are anisotropic and are controlled with fiber orientation. The composite’s physical properties are not less consistent in ultimate strength or elasticity.

“When our engineers are designing a part, they can simply design it, send the design to Polygon, and know that Polygon will make it to our specifications. Polygon makes the design and manufacturing processes easy for our engineers.” Global Supply Chain Manager Global Power Tools Manufacturer
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