Saltwater conditions are among the harshest on earth, and composite bearings and tubes perform well in these environments due to non-corrosive properties.

Leading boat and outboard engine manufacturers trust Polygon to deliver bearings that can meet the increasing performance standards of today’s marine equipment. Composite bearings and tubes are tough when used in saltwater and other wet conditions, with negligible absorption rates providing near zero swell. Whether it is more powerful engines or on-deck equipment that can stand up to corrosion and exposure, Polygon has the industry expertise to provide the right engineered solutions for marine bearing and tubing applications.

Potential Applications

  • Recreational watercraft
  • Outboard engines
  • Industrial and commercial vessels
  • Naval watercraft

Polygon bearings provide these benefits:

  • Corrosion resistance protects against saltwater and rust
  • Low to no moisture absorption
  • Lighter weight materials

Polygon’s Maintenance-Free Greaseless Composite Bushings Eliminate Corrosion in Marine Motor Application

Location on outboard motor made lack of corrosion, absorption critically important

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“We’ve had a great experience working with Polygon to get our project started. The Polygon engineers shared ideas during our design and prototyping process, and we’ve worked together to develop the right solution for our product. They understand what we’re trying to do and are providing what we need.” Purchasing Specialist Leading Boat Engine Manufacturer
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