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Polygon’s construction equipment bearings help operators stay productive while reducing maintenance costs.

Polygon bearings are engineered to be self-lubricating and maintenance-free, providing an ideal solution for many construction and heavy equipment applications. Manufacturers of construction and other off-highway equipment trust Polygon composite bearings to deliver excellent load capacities, low friction, resistance to corrosion and other benefits. Leading equipment manufacturers and their Tier-1 suppliers rely on Polygon’s bearing assemblies to deliver the performance demanded by the construction industry.

Potential Applications

  • Excavators
  • Mini & micro excavators
  • Bulldozers
  • Backhoes
  • Skid steers
  • Wheel loaders
  • Mining equipment
  • Articulating joints
  • Cylinder base and rod ends
  • Cylinder movement pivot points

When to design in Polygon composite bearings

  • Self-lubrication is required
  • Bearing neglect could lead to product liability claims or premature failure
  • Maintenance costs need to be closely monitored
  • Stick-slip conditions exist
  • High load capacities are needed
  • Resistance to chemical, galvanic or fretting-related corrosion is a problem
  • Galling and scoring need to be minimized
  • Electrical insulation is required

Polygon Composite Bushings Simplify Maintenance in K-Tec Heavy-Duty Earthmoving Equipment

Difficult maintenance point improved with greaseless bushings, even under heavy contamination.

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Polygon Composite Bushings Ensure Reduced Maintenance in Bulldozer Designs

Constructed with an industrial wear surface, Polygon’s bushings require no grease.

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“Polygon is a technological leader in its industry because they are always looking to innovate. This is reflected in its products. Polygon produces high-quality products that function very well in our equipment.” Senior Design Engineer Fortune 500 Construction Equipment Manufacturer
"Polygon demonstrates a sense of urgency on items on a tight tImeline. Also, their components are durable which has led to co-development across our organizations. The collaboration across both teams has been important for us as well." Engineer Global Construction Equipment Company
"With Polygon, there is an ease of collaboration and communication. Additionally, their material technology is good. I've seen other PTFE bearings where the adhesives were not fully validated, but everything we've seen from Polygon has met or exceeded our expectations." Engineer Fortune 500 Construction Equipment Manufacturer
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