Marine Case Study

Polygon’s Maintenance-Free Greaseless Composite Bushings Eliminate Corrosion in Marine Motor Application

Location on outboard motor made lack of corrosion, absorption critically important

Polygon Company has designed custom composite bushings for a major marine motor manufacturer. Located in the hydraulic cylinder mounting and trim and tilt pivot locations, these bushings were designed to eliminate maintenance, corrosion, and water absorption and thus also motor service life.


A major U.S. marine motor manufacturer, this customer was looking to improve the design of its outboard motor offerings. These outboard motors are designed with a hydraulic cylinder that functions to raise and lower the motor in the water. The cylinders and pivot locations are in close proximity to lake or salt water depending on its usage throughout the motor’s lifetime. The company needed a custom solution to meet this particular application’s needs and maintain the reliability that their customers expect.

Polygon’s solution

The company looked to Polygon for a composite bushing for the hydraulic cylinders and pivot points that eliminates absorption and corrosion as the bushings are being used in water conditions, unlike metal or nylon components. Additionally, the Polygon bushing is maintenance-free and removed the need for grease ports and difficult locations to service. Polygon designed a custom composite bushing solution that met all of these needs.


After this successful collaboration between the two companies’ engineering teams over the last two years, the marine motor manufacturer has begun working with Polygon on an additional project utilizing custom Polygon composite solutions. “We’ve had a great experience working with Polygon to get our project started,” said the customer. “The Polygon engineers shared ideas during our design and prototyping process and have worked together to develop the right solution for our product. They understand what we’re trying to do, and are providing what we need.”

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